Course pages:

    Carleton College
  • ECON 111, Principles of Microeconomics (two sections) (Spring 2018)
  • ECON 259, Economics of Higher Education (Winter 2018)
  • CCST 280, Empires, Colonies, Hegemony (Fall 2017)
  • ECON 111, Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2017)*
  • ECON 259, Economics of Higher Education (Spring 2017)
  • ECON 278, Industrial Organization and Firm Behavior (Spring 2017)
  • ECON 111, Principles of Microeconomics (two sections) (Winter 2017)*
  • ECON 278, Industrial Organization and Firm Behavior (Fall 2016)
  • ECON 111, Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2016)*
*site access suspended for tactical reasons--email me if you need access!

    Nazarbayev University
  • ECON 101, Introduction to Microeconomics (two sections) (Summer 2016)
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • AAE 375, Social Science Research Practicum (Summer 2015) with Professor Kyle Stiegert
  • ECON 455, Behavioral Economics (Spring 2015) with Professor Andrea Wilson (also see Learn@UW website)
  • ECON 521, Game Theory (Fall 2014) with Professor Antonio Penta (also see Learn@UW website)
  • ECON 301, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Spring 2014) with Professor Marek Weretka
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Teaching evaluations: (Note: For one file that includes evaluation summaries for all courses, see here.)
    Carleton College (Lead instructor)
    Note: Carleton doesn't have institutional or departmental course evaluations. These are self-administered.
    Nazarbayev University (Lead instructor)
    University of Wisconsin - Madison (Teaching assistant)
  • AAE 375, Social Science Research Practicum** (Summer 2015)
  • ECON 455, Behavioral Economics (Spring 2015). Rating (/5): 4.70. Dept. Av: 4.02. Dept. Max: 4.84. Documentation*
  • ECON 521, Game Theorey (Fall 2014). Rating (/5): 4.79. Dept. Av: 3.97. Dept. Max: 4.79. Documentation*
  • ECON 301, Intermediate Micro (Sptring 2014). Rating (/5): 4.58. Dept. Av: 4.15. Dept. Max: 4.87. Documentation
* The department implemented the AEFIS online evaluation system in Fall 2014. For courses evaluated under this system, I have uploaded the full AEFIS output, which has all ratings and comments, as well as the summary letter from the department, which is helpful insofar as it indicates the department distribution of TA ratings for that term.

** UW-Madison's Agricultural and Applied Economics program did not evaluate me as a teaching assistant for this course, which was a special course designed to offer research experience to social science and humanities majors from Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev University.