ECON 278 - Industrial Organization and Firm Behavior (Spring 2017)


Schedule an introductory meeting: I like to meet with students individually for 10-15 minutes to learn more about you, your goals as a student generally, and your goals as a student in this course. It's very much casual. It's also optional, but I strongly encourage you to participate. To sign up for a slot, click the link to the left and pick a time in the Doodle poll. If none of these slots works for you, send me an email and we can work out an alternative. Meetings are in my office, Willis 309.

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Microeconomics review materials (in particular, see lecture slides--associated videos, when available, may also be helpful)

Lecture slides and notes: (blue subtopics below link to YouTube videos on those topics; italicized subtopics are optional and will not be covered on exams)

Problem Sets: 1 (Solutions), 2 (Solutions), 3 (Solutions), 4 (Solutions), 5 (Solutions), Antitrust case studies

Exams: Midterm 1 (Solutions, Results), Midterm 2 (Solutions, Results), Final (Solutions, Results)

Practice Problems: 1 (Solutions), 2 (Solutions), 3 (Solutions), 4 (Solutions), 5 (Solutions)

Non-textbook readings:

Papers we discussed: Hotelling (1929), d'Aspremont et. al (1979)